Unusual Types of Allergy Treated by Canadian Health&Care Mall

September 28, 2015 Category: Health Care Allergy

AllergyToday we are going to speak about unusual types of allergy. The last decades have led to notable progress of medicine and science, only health of mankind in general didn’t change. For elderly people there are more and more newly appeared diseases. It seems that scientists fight against treatment of some invincible misfortune, and at this time the nature throws up all new and new tasks as though having taken offense at the inattentive relation to it. The leader in number of new forms fairly consider allergy. The relentless statistics testifies that such disease is present at twenty five per cent of planet inhabitants. A basis of the majority of allergic reactions is immune processes which are activated at hit in an organism of any objectionable microorganism or substance. Thus, factors for allergy emergence are of great variety. Viruses, drugs, bacteria, pollen, wool and food are considered as traditional agents of disease.

There are unusual types of allergy. And it is very interesting to know more about them. But first of all it is better to mention that Canadian Health&Care Mall is the best Internet supplier of drugs necessary for allergy treatment.

The first type of allergy is allergy on the sunshine. The allergy to the Sun is very widespread phenomenon, it is found in the increasing number of people. The reason of emergence of such reaction (solar dermatitis or photodermatitis) is impact of sunshine on open skin areas. In itself they aren’t allergens, and the irritation can occur either because of external, or because of internal factors. To external factors we may refer allergenic substances which gradually accumulate on skin surface. It can be pollen of the blossoming plants, cosmetics or remedies, essential oils. They under action of the sun also cause allergic reaction on open skin areas. Usually diseases and violations of immune system, and also a consequence of reception of some drugs are the internal reasons. Everything leads it to increase in sensitivity of skin to the sunshine that increases its vulnerability. The combination of an ultraviolet and medicines can become the extremely dangerous, having caused a strong allergy. Its symptoms are similar to usual skin reaction if you stay under sunshine leads to skin reddening, burning and itch. Those skin areas which were affected, get rash, similar to the small urticaria fever. The allergy to the sunshine can be shown and in the form of hypostases of mucous membranes and skin in general. It is interesting that the allergy to the sunshine can be shown and in a sun bed. However artificial tan as the unpleasant satellite can have also an allergy to sun bed. Symptoms of disease are similar to photodermatitis so the question of advantage or harm of a sun bed remains open. It is better to protect yourself taking antihistamine drugs ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

One more type of allergy is allergy for people. It is often possible to hear as one person says to another that he has an allergy for someone stating thus the irritation. However it turned out that such statement has under itself a scientific basis, symptoms of such irritation demand intervention not of psychologists, but doctors. In particular, it is established that the smell of the person, to be exact sweat, causes an allergy. And this statement most often belongs to man’s smells. For the first time similar reactions were registered in the middle of the twentieth century. But then it was considered as something unusual as the ecological situation was quite stable and nothing said that there are any prerequisites for formation of collateral reactions of an organism to sweat smell. But recently cases of reactions of women to men’s sweat became frequent. Scientists consider that it is connected with the general increase in number of allergic diseases and the grown qualification of allergologists. Similar allergies are followed by asthma attacks, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, puffiness, skin rashes and itch and even loss of consciousness and violation of blood circulation brain. As well as any form of allergy, this can amplify and pass into heavier forms which treatment will be already complicated over time. These are two the main interesting types of allergy to my mind of course. But further we are going to complete this list because it is very interesting to read about such disorders which are unusual for people. Such disorders are not so widespread as ordinary allergy for dust for example.