We Provide

  • communications
  • Assistance, referrals and support in finding help
  • Parent support and support groups
  • Information packets for parents and professionals
  • A periodicals
  • A life story graph developed for parents raising children with FAS/FAE (FAE: Fetal Alcohol Effects)
  • Adolescents prevention programs for school districts

Trainings Are Accessible For

  • Parents and care givers
  • Educators
  • Social workers
  • Mental health professionals
  • Criminal justice workers
  • Chemical dependency counselors
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Personnel
  • Developmental disability case managers
  • Health Care


Workshops Currently Available

  • FAS 101: A Practical Medical Overview
  • Understanding the Birth Family
  • The Core Disability Issues of Adolescents & Adults,
  • FAS: Strategies that Pay its way
  • Realistic Expectations for Healthy Outcomes
  • FAS: A Kaleidoscope of Grief and Hope for Mental Health Professionals
  • Terrific Tips for Teachers
  • Critical Information for the Criminal Justice Worker
  • Developing Intervention Touchpoints
  • Advocating: Successfully accessing Services
  • A Celebration of Children
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