1. FAS Times

FAS Times is the periodicals of the FAS Family Resource Institute. Current number of editions is considered to be 3500, approximately half parents and half professionals. This periodicals is 12 pages packed with empirical experiences and education on everything about FAS/E. It is written from the practical perspective and understanding of parents bringing up children with FAS/E and granting access services in multiple public and private systems. FAS Times is prone to be described as vitally necessary inquiries. Suggested annual donation: $20.00 ($25.00 Canadian). There is one more source of information for people from all over the world about pharmacy. And the name of this source is canadian healthcare mall.

2. Best of FAS Times

A book of the best articles published in our periodicals since it began in 1992, organized by subject areas namely:

Identification and Diagnosis of FAS/E

Safety and Sanity of Parents and Children

Birth Families: Help, Hope and Healing

Education and the Student with FAS/E

Strategies for Successful Advocacy

Juvenile/Criminal Justice

FAS/E: A Standard of Care

Also featuring an appendix with pictures of some of the families in The FAS Family Resource Institute. Suggested donation: $35.00 ($45.00 Canadian). Not all people like to read books in our Internet times that’s why a lot of interesting information is represented on canadian health&care mall. You may command its service in any time.

3. Standard of Care

FAS/E: A Standard of Care is a booklet of empirical interventions that have been evidenced successful by parents bringing up children with FAS/E. These interventions were collected and documented from these parents at an FAS/E Intervention Retreat in November, 1997. Each of the four age groups of human beings with FAS/E are addressed: toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. Within each age group, interventions are distinguished by the major areas of challenge defined by the parents. Suggested donation: $10.00 ($13.00 Canadian).

4. Cheers, Here’s to the Baby new

“Cheers! Here’s to the Baby” A birth mother’s discovery of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, has been issued and is being published at the FAS Interventions meeting in Tacoma.

Back Cover: Linda laFever is the natural mother of Danny, who was the first March of Dimes poster child to represent the birth defect, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Each disorder should be treated immediately. You may after been examined you may order drugs via canadian healthcare mall. You will find drugs foe any taste and budget.

Linda and Dan have taken participation in various scientific researches on the effects of alcohol consumption while being pregnant. This book clears out all the struggles and severe disappointment of a loving single mother who unknowingly made a deteriorating mistake that forever altered the opportunities of her youngest son. Danny, now a young adult, was identified this disorder when he was five years old. After Linda’s recovery from the intial shocking condition of her son’s diagnosis, she devoted her life to provide for Danny and support for appropriate services for his special needs. In doing so, she understood that it was importand and obligatory to educate Danny’s teachers and other service providers about his birth defect. She was courageous enough to realize it, even though his disability was the exact result of her alcohol consumption while being pregnant. In the formal seminars she subsequently developed, she explains and defines the specific needs and perspectives of the birth families to support and adoptive parents and professionals and to service providers. Because Linda is kindheartedr, she is a beloved presenter on these aspects and is open to comforting and encouraging other birth mothers of children with FAS and related conditions.

Suggested Donation: $15.00 ($20.00 Canadian)

5. Brochures

group3Your choice of two brochures free with your order of another publication.


with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and we vote!

This brochure includes the basis about FAS. It also details the Adolescent Behavioral Symptoms in addition to granting information about the FAS Family Resource Institute.


Pre-school children, Children, Teenagers and Adults – through the eyes of parents

This brochure tells the prominent behavioral characteristics of FAS/E in each of the four age groups in accordence to the collective family experience. This information was selected during a FAS*FRI retreat in 1994 in cooperation with the Division of Alcohol and Subtance Abuse and the Department of Health in Washington State. Subsequent communication and surveys confirmed the original data.


Brochure for girls with FAS/E – By Cheryl, Sarah and Jamie

This brochure was worked out as a source to help parents and professionals reveal and introduce the disability of FAS/E to affected females. It is known from the perspectives of the teen authors. Topics covered in this brochure are dejection, alcohol and other drugs, sexual activity, and understanding why parents get upset with their disabled teens. All these kinds of drugs you may order via canadian health and care mall. Start thinking properly about ordering drugs online because you may save your money. The drugs of high quality but of low price are attractive in any situation.


Brochure for boys with FAS/E – By Russ

This brochure was developed as a communication source for parents and professionals to be applied with male teens who have FAS/E. It is written from the perspective of the teen author. Topics covered include running away, using alcohol and other drugs, suicide, understanding themselves and others, and making friends.


for native parents of children with FAS/E -By Linda LaFever

This brochure is directed to the special issues of grief, guilt, loneless and recovery from the perspective of a birth mom in recovery.


through the Washington State Adoption Support Program

This brochure includes details on gaining eligibility for election and gaining access to services through legitimation support.  These services may include a monthly fee payment, medical coverage, counseling, etc. The Adoption Support program pictured here is in Washington State. Many other states also have legitimation support programs, but regulations, policies and services are different  from state to state.

You may order any of these publications by sending your check or money order to:

FAS*FRI Publications

PO Box 2525

Lynnwood WA. 98036

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