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September 12, 2015 Category: Canadian Health&Care Mall

Cardiac asthmaCardiac asthma is a complicated form of hypertonia, an atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, a heart attack, warm defects. Cardiac asthma can be characterized by the dyspnea attack and suffocation provoked by blood stagnation in pulmonary vessels, difficulties of its outflow in the left ventricle.

Cardiac asthma develops because of narrowing of the left atrioventricular meatus or left ventricular heart failure at myocarditis, a sharp heart attack, an extensive cardiosclerosis, aortal heart defects, insufficiency of mitral valve, left ventricular aneurysm, the increase of blood pressure which are followed by the excessive tension of myocardium of the left ventricle. The cardiac asthma is usually caused by emotional or physical activity, increase of pressure, stenocardia especially in the afternoon. In rare instances asthma arises after plentiful drink or food, but more often the attack develops at night, during a dream.

The main symptom of cardiac asthma is attack-like dyspnea at which the extended noisy breath prevails. Symptoms of the cardiac asthma appearing in the afternoon: heartbeat, constraint in a breast just before an attack. If asthma develops at night, the patient wakes up from lack in air, the complicated breath, constraint in a breast, dry cough. On a face there is sweat, the patient feels concern and fear. During an attack usually a sicker breathes through the mouth and there is a notable need for oxygen.

The diagnosis establishment during an attack is carried out by means of symptoms of cardiac asthma assessment. Differential diagnostics with bronchial asthma is of great importance. It is very important to establish an asthma origin since when rendering emergency aid at cardiac asthma for attack relieving other medicines which aren’t applied at asthma bronchial should be used. The doctor has to examine to the patient’s heart. The key element is to attend the doctor because only he may define the diagnosis correctly and he may work out the treatment plan and prescribe necessary drugs for full recovery. You may order nowadays drugs via the Internet. The majority of pharmaceutical companies uses Canadian Health&Care mall with the assortment and brands. For example Canadian Health&Care mall is ready to introduce to you drugs produced worldwide and sold of lower prices.

For this type of asthma the gallop rhythm is characteristic, over a pulmonary trunk the two tones accentuation is observed. Pulse can be with weak filling, tachycardia may develop, the exhalation doesn’t cause difficulties and remote rattling is observed. Deviations can be seen on an electrocardiogram as well for example you may see coronary insufficiency, violation of a rhythm. At typical symptoms it is possible to diagnose cardiac asthma but if there are bronchospasms, the patient or his acquaintances are asked regarding predisposition of the patient to an allergy, existence of chronic bronchitis or other pulmonary diseases.

Cardiac asthma is not a chronic disease and it is possible to treat it. Do not waste time thinking whether you should go or not to the doctor, do it immediately. And remember Canadian Health&Care mall helps you to find everything you need in one place without leaving your house.