Defining a Disability

What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects?  new

by Ann Waller, M.Ed.

When we come into contact with well-experienced doctor or parents who are not fond of FAS, it is necessary to give them an exact description of this disability. This article is directed for that purpose.


Preparing for a Diagnosis new

A Developmental Overview of FAS/E

through the Eyes of Parents

1998 FAS Family Resource Institute

The process from the diagnosis establishment and treatment lasts sometimes very long. But when you know exactly what you should do you may check out the website of canadian health care mall to find necessary drugs. There are a lot of various drugs categories which may be useful in treatment of this or that disorder.

Articles on Understanding Individuals with FAS/E

Arrested Conscience Development: A Core Disability Trait of FAS/E new

by Jocie DeVries and Ann Waller

The FAS Family Resource Institute has taken together the Collective Family Experience through formal pools and retreats during the past decade…


FAS and Mental Health Services: A Therapist’s Perspective

by Kenneth Dunning, M.S., C.M.H.C., N.C.C.


Help, Hope, Healing from the Inside Out

by Linda LaFever

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My Sister….My Friend, No one understands or has the sense to feel and share your pain as another mother –

another who has felt already the grief, guilt, and shame

of giving birth to a child disabled by her own use of alcohol while being pregnant..

Articles on Care of Individuals with FAS/E

Introducing. . .A Standard of Care for Toddlers, Children, Adolescents and Adults with FAS/E

By Jocie DeVries

A Crisis in America…The epidemic of kids killing kids in the school yards and classrooms of America may be more understandable than most people think. According to Michael Dorris…


A Standard of Care for Children with FAS/E

by Jocie DeVries

By the time children with FAS/E reach six years of age and start elementary school, hopefully they are entered in and holded on with a loving, healthy family. Naturally what is best for these children is…What is better for children? To have a happy family, to be save and sound are the key elements. To be save and sound you may together with canadian health&care mall, being ready to satisfy all your needs.


FAS/E: A Standard of Care for Adolescents

The Anti-Social Years

by Jocie DeVries

Recently, policy makers in our state came together to address the issue of youthful antisocial behavior. Our Governor, Gary Locke, and the Superintendent of Public Schools, Dr. Terry Bergeson, took the lead in this endeavor and scheduled…


A Standard of Care for Adults

The Dysfunctional Years

by Jocie DeVries

My final year of negation that something was wrong with my son, Rusty, began in September 1989 when I regestered as a student at The Art Institute in Seattle. It all seemed…

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Finding Strengths and Building Self Esteem in Children with FAS/E

by Jocie DeVries

When my husband and I adopted our kids in 1978, we didn’t know they had mental disabilities. However, I do remember one oddness that really stuck out and I now realize…


EEG Biofeedback Benefits Families

by Ann Waller

When Ken Dunning first brought the idea of EEG biofeedback to our FAS*FRI Board of Directors, we were very skeptical. We have always deeply appreciated his concern for children…


Articles on Educating Individuals with FAS/E

Educating Children under the Influence

of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

by Jocie DeVries

Families bringing up children with FAS/E frequently look to teachers with hope that the next school year and the new classroom will provide a more successful learning environment for their child than the latest…


Eight Keys to Remember in the Classroom

by Vicky McKinney

I remember thinking, “What a beautiful child,” when three-year-old Abby was placed in our home as a foster child. The caseworker explained that she had some problems with behavior and a few learning disabilities, but that was to be expected because… It is very interesting to read a lot about cases which do not concern your close people. But if you speak about your own you are so anxious that’s why it is better to find the way out immediately. Due to canadian health and care mall this decision will be found.


Reaching Out: Teacher to Students

by Diane Davis

Three years ago the Chapter I was responsible executive at the elementary school where I worked, volunteered to take six little second grade boys that were supposed to be drug-addicted children and teach them all day long…


Reaching Out: Teacher to Teacher

by Diane Davis

Tips for Teachers…

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