Fetal alcohol syndrome Described by Canadian Health&Care MallFetal alcohol syndrome is a state which are meet at children of the first year of living, whose mothers during pregnancy abuse alcohol.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy can cause congenital malformations, especially if the woman abuses alcohol or suffers from hard drinkings.

There are no proofs that small amount of alcohol is safely therefore during pregnancy in general it is necessary to refuse it. The use of large number of alcoholic drinks can cause spontaneous abortion or fetal alcohol syndrome. The newborns with fetal alcohol syndrome are low birth-weight babies for this gestational age and also lag further in growth and development; they have small head that points to insufficient brain pre-natal development. Small eyes, smoothed features, congenital heart diseases and joints disorders are here only some of possible development disorders. The most dangerous consequence of fetal alcohol syndrome is the violation of development of a brain leading to a delay of intellectual development.

It is rather terrible to read about such a disease as this one but you should understand that women must be responsible for such mistakes because children catch up to for mother’s mistakes. During pregnancy female should think properly about only only yourself but about the fetus. You may via canadian health&care mall order necessary vitamins prescribed to take during pregnancy.

The alcohol abuse in case of women increases considerably that’s why it is very important to be attentive if you are going to give a birth to a beautiful child. Women should be informed about the consequences which may lead to a lot of different and severe problems. There are special methodics which are directed to the possibility to identify women who are at risk zone because there are cases when women do not drink alcohol while pregnancy but children are born with this syndrome.

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It is rather easy to identify children witj fetal alcohol syndrome. The child’s face with fetal alcohol syndrome is quite characteristic; such children of low birth-weight also lag in growth, various malformations and uglinesses are possible. All this allows a nepiologist to suspect fetal alcohol syndrome even in the absence of mother. Treatment is symptomatic. Moreover long medical and pedagogical correction, and sometimes and legal aid is recommended to such children.

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